2020 The year of the Animators

2019 has finally passed and for most people it was quite a roller coaster of emotions and many obstacles. For us in the Anim8 team we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes working on improving our app and planning ahead for the future. We have high expectations for Anim8 and we plan to make 2020 the year of the animators!

Anim8 is now 1 year old!

December 30th marked our 1 year anniversary since our public beta launch and we’ve reached very awesome milestones since then!

In that time, Anim8 has grown to:
– Over 250,000 visitors
– Over 750 animations uploaded
– Grown the 3rd largest Discord for animators

We owe it all to the awesome community of both animators and animation fans that helped test out our app and provided the valuable feedback we needed to keep heading into the right direction.

Since then we’ve had many weekly team meetings to keep planning our direction for the future and the year 2020.

Big Updates on the Horizon

Anim8 V-Next (our private beta site for supporters) has seen many updates including the new Anim8 feed where it looks completely different to the current public version of our site. The focus of the feed is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to watch many animations in one sitting. We want to make it an almost addicting experience where one can just visit Anim8 and see what’s popping in the animation world and actively interact with each animation.

Included will be a completely redesigned UI, better search functions, and a community focused tagging system. We’re excited to see what the public will think about these new features and how we can improve on them!

As always you can follow our Discord to keep updated with the most recent Anim8 updates!

These updates will be coming sometime during January to February!

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