Anim8 Introduction


I am CryoLogic, the founder of Anim8.

Anim8 is a passion project run by a small team in order to help animators get noticed and provide them with tools to build a living from their animations and grow a fanbase / following.

The team behind Anim8 is small, but very active. The core team consists of:

  • CryoLogic – lead developer / accounting / finance / legal
  • Hyun – marketing / product design / community management
  • Bruno – developer / search engine maintainer / DevOps
  • Monkey – lead UX designer / product design

In addition to the core team, we have a fantastic team of volunteer moderators: Amy, Hizude, King Kilo, NightVibe, NS, Sareth, Septagon, Treycon.

While the core team is busy developing new features and fixing bugs in Anim8, the moderation team is helping keep the community peaceful and friendly on both the website and Discord.

If you haven’t checked out Anim8 yet, visit our website and consider joining us on Discord.

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