Anim8 vNext

The next version of Anim8, bringing us one step closer to our ultimate goal of becoming the #1 place for animation fans to watch animations online – and for animators to connect with their fans.

Click here to learn how to start testing Anim8 vNext on 11/18/2019.


Anim8 vNext

Anim8 vNext is finally coming – and will be available for supporters to test next week!

This is a new version of Anim8, coded almost entirely from the ground up.

Anim8 vNext was designed after talking to over 100 animators and gauging feedback on how Anim8 could better support both independent and pro animators.

New Features

In order to support both of these groups, Anim8 vNext comes with some upgrades over the current version of Anim8:

  • Approximately 75% faster load times across all devices
  • UI flow built from the ground up to emphasize the discovery of new animators
  • Categorization and Tagging Systems for easier animation discovery
    • Vote on tags after watching an animation – earn XP while improving discovery on our search engine.
      • Genre (action, adventure, comedy, etc.), Style (Flash, CGI, Hand-drawn, etc.) and more tagging options.
    • Categorize your animation as “WIP” or “finished” as you upload
    • Combine one or many tags/categories in the search engine to refine your search.
  • Homepage “feed” of animations you may find interesting to you in order to aid discovery
  • Watch animations and comment from within the feed directly
  • Better notifications – get notified when someone you follow or support uploads!
  • Over 20 bug in the current app are fixed in vNext

In addition to these features, vNext will include more features after release:

  • Animator “portfolios”
    • Showcase your best work independent of your WIP animations.
  • Tools to connect animation studios with animators
    • Partnerships with studios looking for contracts
  • A custom video player that allows frame-by-frame sifting through animations and other useful settings for animators.
  • In-app competitions with prizes to promote your animations

This project has been a huge, multi-month undertaking but we are ecstatic that you can start using it as early as next week!

Start Testing Anim8 vNext

We will be opening up Anim8 vNext to supporters starting the week of the 18th.

In order to test Anim8 vNext, you need to become an Anim8 supporter – you can do that easily for just $5/mo by following these instructions.

Anim8 vNext and all of it’s new features will be released to the general public after it has been fully tested, and meets our quality standards.

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