Anim8’s new Theater! Our plans with live premiere

Anim8’s newest feature “Anim8 Theater” was released with Gildedguy’s newest animation “Gildedguy vs Oxob” being our very first live premiere experience! The Anim8 Theater is a place where users can gather and watch a release of a specific animation together. There is a live chat, a countdown timer, and even our very own Anim8 mascot “N-8” that users can interact with VIA chat commands!

With our first premiere we learned many lessons and we’re already hard at work to make the next premiere run as smoothly as possible! On top of that we’ve had some awesome ideas on how to improve the Theater experience for both the animator and the audience!

A live virtual theater experience

Viewers on Gildedguy’s twitch premiere peeked at over 2,500 viewers!

One of the best experiences I’ve had myself when it comes to animations, is the excitement of watching animations together with a group of people. There’s just something magical about a live viewing and I think that’s just in our human nature to enjoy things together. That’s why people go to live concerts or the movie theater with their friends; sharing the experience of a live event creates an environment where viewers can just hype each other up and enjoy a lot more!

Gildedguy’s live premiere of “Gildedguy vs Oxob” was an awesome example of this when we turn the focus on animations and live viewings. The livestream peeked at over 2,000 viewers and the entire event had me feeling so much nostalgia and appreciation of how I used to feel about animation releases back when I was a kid.

This is something that we want to reproduce to all animators to create more awesome moments when we watch animations together.

Live premieres = Money for the animators

Another goal we had for the Anim8 Theater was to provide new fun ways for the viewers to donate to the animators. We want to push animators to do their best and push for booking live premieres as a source of income, inspiration, and boosting their following.

This will start with making donations on Anim8 a lot more intuitive and a fun experience for the viewers. Much like twitch and bits where the user’s can use it as a fun interactive experience, we wanted to build up a system similar in that sense. Interactivity is key and we’ll try to push that for the theater experience to make it entertaining for the viewers while supporting the hard-working animator who provided the animation.

More updates coming soon!

There’s a lot more behind the scenes that we’re working on and many more updates will be coming soon! If you haven’t already, consider making a free account on! Also consider becoming a supporter to help the animators!

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