Best Drawing Tablets 2020 – Which one is right for you?

In the year 2020 there are tons of tablet brands and models out there. As a person who has used multiple tablets in my lifetime and also doing a lot of research on different tablet brands, I’ll try my best to recommend some good models that you can’t go wrong with. A lot of the decision making process is really up to what your budget is and what specific features suit your needs as an artist or animator.

Best Overall Tablet – Huion Kamvas Pro Series ($250 – $380)

Huion as a company has come extremely far and I’ve actually switched from Wacom to Huion which is something that I thought would never happen in the past. If you want an overall good screen tablet for a reasonable price, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Kamvas Pro Series. It comes in multiple sizes of 12, 13, and 16 inch variants, a nice battery free pen, and the tablet itself is well built. The reason why I switched from a Wacom tablet to a Kamvas was because of the price and also the size. The 16 inch version of the Kamvas pro is small enough to fit in my backpack while the Wacom Cintiq 16 inch is much larger and bulkier. I would say the only thing that keeps the Wacom ahead of Huion is that they have a superior pen and pen accuracy. Being almost half the price of a Wacom Cintiq, this is a great buy for someone who just wants to buy a good drawing tablet without breaking the bank.

Best Performer – Wacom Cintiq Series ($650 – $1200)

The king of all drawing tablets has always been Wacom and for good reason. When it comes to accuracy and performance, Wacom has always been the best and in most cases they still are which is why many of the professional artists will always remain loyal to this brand. With the reputation comes a cost as this brand is the most expensive out of all tablet companies out there. One thing is for sure though, you’ll be getting very reliable performance and driver support. Furthermore, Wacom does have more options to customize your tablet pen. There are more different kinds of pen tips and even different supporting pens you can purchase separately to really choose how you like to draw on the tablet. The drawback to the cintiqs is that they are quite bulky and they are not meant for quick and light travel by any means.

Best Bang for your Buck – Huion Inspiroy H640P & H950P ($45 – $70)

If you’re new to animation or art and you’re looking to start somewhere to dip your toes into the field, I would highly recommend the Inspiroy H950P by Huion. At the time of this article it will only set you back $45 USD for the smaller model which is cheaper than most video games out there! With that you get a solid tablet with a decent drawing area, a battery free pen with 8192 levels of pen pressure, and good support / drivers. It doesn’t come with a built in monitor, but many artists agree that a display tablet is not necessary to get a natural drawing experience. You can’t go wrong with this tablet if you’re looking to get started!

Other Good Tablet Recommendations

Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2 ($1000)

The Ipad Pro has increasingly been a more popular choice for artists and even animators as the portability and performance is unmatched compared to other portable solutions. The apple pencil 2 has received awesome reviews from artists and has been known to provide an extremely natural drawing experience. Not only is it good for drawing and animating, the tablet has such good specs that it can even be used as a mini laptop if you buy the extra keyboard attachment to do a lot of other tasks. If you can afford one, and you want to draw a lot on the go, this is all you would ever need.

Wacom One ($400)

The Wacom One is a newly released 13 inch screen tablet designed for the budget buyer who still wants Wacom’s famous support and reputation. Being priced at $400, the Wacom One is essentially a stripped down version of the older Cintiq 13HD. While other tablet companies do have better specs for a better price, it gets the job done and it will reap the benefits of having Wacom’s great driver support and performance. On top of that there are many different types of pens you can use that will work with this tablet with the addition to having the support to connect to mobile phones.


Any of the drawing tablets mentioned in this blog are all good buys and they will all serve you well. There are also other tablet models that were not mentioned in this post that I’m sure are very good. When it comes down to it, make sure to do your research and read on the specifications that each tablet comes with. Watch as many reviews as you can and compare and contrast with other similar models that you are interested in. Once you narrow down your top picks, pick whichever tablet you think serves your personal needs the best.

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I’ve been using the HS610 for almost a year now and for $70 it is just very nice. Keep in mind when buying a cheaper product though and if someone were to buy any cheap models, make sure to check the reviews for some models. Because in my case I’ve experienced some squiggling line errors when drawing very short slow strokes. Some might see that as an immediate turn-off.


I was actually just looking at the Huion kamvas pro. It’s nice to see that its actually as good as i thought it was. Totally gonna buy it.


Android getting useful these days , Krita recently Released on Android with full dekstop UI Other Animation app RoughAnimator got Camera Feature ,Wacom one and Huion Kamvas 13 and other new tablets supports Android connection ,Also you can Turn your Android device into a drawing tablet for Windows with (like Astropad for Ipad).

For the Devices I recommends Samsung Galaxy Tab Series.
I personally use Samsung Galaxy Tab A8″ with S pen(2019) , There is also cheaper-Lite version of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.