Doors 5 – The biggest independent animation collaborative ever

Doors is an iconic animated collaboration made by hundreds of independent animators

Doors 5 is now open and taking entries from all animators from all communities in what is expected to be the biggest animation collaboration from independent animators ever! If you are an animator you should definitely look into joining HERE. If you don’t know what Doors is, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is Doors?

What started off as a simple idea in a small animation community has turned into one of the most iconic animation collaborations on the net. The “Doors” series organized by Sean Pluto consists of a very simple yet effective theme; Animate a figure entering from a door on one side of the room then exit through the other door on the opposite side. It sounds very simple, but combine hundreds of creative animators together, and you will have something truly special.

The Doors series has over 4 million accumulated views.

Since the first release of doors, the collab quickly started to grow in participates and attention as more sequels were made. It came to the point where the fourth installment of the series had over 100 participates with a runtime of over 30 minutes. Back then, it was the biggest “stick figure” collaboration of its time!

The last Doors was in 2015 which was supposed to conclude the series for good, but that didn’t stop the fans and other communities from making countless tribute collabs and spin-offs inspired from the series. There were many out there, but none were the official and people were wondering if the official Doors will ever return if it all.

The Return of Doors

Year 2020 marks Doors 10 year anniversary and Sean Pluto has made a surprising return announcing Doors 5 to the public. The response was massive and old animators started to return to the animation community as well as other communities joining in. With animators around the world submitting over 50 parts a day, this sequel is expected to be much bigger than it predecessor and even the largest independent animator collaboration ever. Entries are still being accepted up until Feb 1st so if you’re an animator reading this right now, you can join and read all the rules HERE. The collab is expected to make a release during late February on and the Hyun’s Dojo Youtube channel.

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