How to help fight Covid-19 as an Artist / Animator

As the Corona Virus spreads throughout the world, it has left most countries to mandate a quarantine and now you’re most likely stuck indoors for the next few months. With a vaccine at least a year away and the death tolls exponentially rising, the only way to fight the spread at this time is to distance yourself from others and be educated on the facts and myths on the Corona Virus. There is so much misinformation about Covid-19 that the United Nations has actually called out for help to spread the truth so here’s how artists and animations in particular can make a difference!

The United Nations Call Out to Creatives for help

This is not just any creative collaboration. Your submission could save actual lives from this virus and it’s a public service that is desperately needed at this time. They are taking both video and art submissions. If you’re an animator or artist who wants to help go to the information page:

Click here to see all the rules and participate

Here is a compilation of facts about Covid-19

Gamers can also help fight Covid-19!

If you’re not an artist but have a computer to play games, you can help fight the disease as well. Folding@Home Is a program you can download that uses a bit of your computer’s resources to make simulations that researches need to help find a cure for Covid-19. Millions of PC users world-wide are pitching in to help and you can join the fight as well! Read more about Folding@Home’s efforts to fight Covid-19 HERE.

Taking advantage of your free time

Being stuck in quarantine means that you will have a lot more free time in your home. Schools are being taught online, jobs are being done remotely, giving you the opportunity to free up some time to do other things at home! With all this free time you’ll probably end up playing games or watching anime/movies, but also think about how much more time you have to learn new things that you’ve wanted to learn. Try to set a routine to teach yourself at least one new thing in regards to animation or art. It could just be animating or drawing more, or maybe even learning a brand new drawing/animation program. Take advantage of your time because now you have it in your hands.

For me I’m trying learn some new free programs that are great for both drawing and animating. Being proficient in more than one program vastly expands your creative freedom on your next projects.

Blender was always something I wanted to learn because of all of the great 3D animation, rendering, and even 2D animation features that come with it on top of being completely free.

Wick Editor is another free browser based 2D animation program that almost anyone can pick up to doodle some animations.

Krita is a free painting program with awesome brushes for painting and even has some animation tools as well!

All of these programs are very accessible and can open up many doors that you haven’t been able to open before! If you’re stuck at home, now is a great time to just sit down and learn at your own pace even if it just means getting familiar with the interface and tools. Just search up some tutorials and start from the basics. You’ll be very surprised how much you can learn by just trying and spending the extra time you have to learn something that you actually want to learn.

Wick Editor Anim8 Jam is Still Running!

Another great event to participate in if you’re an animator is to enter the Anim8 Jam that is still accepting entries up until April 12! There is a $500 prize pool and multiple winners so check it out if you have nothing else to do! Read all the info on how to participate!

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