Hyun’s Animation Review: “Red Rain” by 9tailedBrush

Review of 9tailedBrush’s “Red Rain”

This is a new series of posts I wanted to start by reviewing some animations that I find interesting. A great start to this series is “Red Rain” animated by 9tailedBrush. A short action-packed animation set in a very interesting and unique environment, we follow an unnamed, crazed female character’s story and her ways of dispatching groups of people. Might sound a bit simple, but I think the way it was animated made it very interesting to watch and I wanted to highlight a few things that I enjoyed about this series.

Music sync is key

What attracted me to this series was just how well it was executed with the music. I love animations that blend well with its music as it requires a lot of planning and careful selection of shots to use within the beats. The way 9tailedBrush revolved his animation around music was just perfect in my opinion and although it requires a little extra work to do, it definitely adds a lot more to the animation compared to one that just has standard background music. After watching this animation, it made me realize that close interactions between animation and music is a powerful tool to get the viewers immersed into a scene.

Fight Choreography

Fight choreography is something that also requires a lot of creativity, pacing, and understanding of animation. Some of the movements in Red Rain impressed me a lot especially in the close quarters fighting. A lot of the action in these animations involve a lot of small cuts in quick succession. I love how these were pulled off because they still read very well and there is no loss of speed or clarity of the movements.

Use of close, medium, and far shots

Another thing I wanted to point out with 9tailedbrush’s animations was his use of camera shots. He changes up the variety of his shots from extreme close-ups of zooming way into the eyes of his characters, to far shots of zooming all the way out to show the outcome of the fights. It’s a simple tactic to keep the animation interesting all the way through. If there was an animation that always showed medium shots, it would most likely turn out to be bland and boring. I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind for my future animations as well.

Setting up the “Calm before the Storm”

I feel like an important thing to show especially in a fight animation is the build up of tension and atmosphere before the fight actually happens. Some might think more action is better and just showing constant fighting and explosions in an action scene for longer will be better, but the problem with that is that there is no contrast. Too much action is a very common problem as it becomes watered down very quickly. In both episodes of Red Rain you can see that there is a very apparent “calm before the storm”. The scene is set up in a way where there is a moment of peace before the chaos happens, and that in turn makes the action that much more powerful. Even the music reflects this which was a very nice bonus. Definitely keep this mind when setting up your own fight scenes or action scenes.

Final Score – 9.1

My final rating for 9tailedbrush’s series, Red Rain, I give 9.1 out of 10. The pacing was perfect for me to follow along with the setup of the shots that tied in beautifully with the music. The only thing that was holding back the animation was the rough and thick linework. I would’ve liked to see cleaner lines and some more polished characters with some better lighting, and that would’ve elevated the animation a lot more. Other than that these animations are definitely one of my favorites and something that I’ll definitely be referencing off of to improve my own. After watching animations like these, it really makes me want to learn more about the characters and dive into any lore that is around, and that’s a good sign of a well done character / story.

See more of 9tailedbrush’s animations on his Anim8 Account!
He also has a Youtube Channel!

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Hyun’s Animation Review: “Red Rain” by 9tailedBrush

Review of 9tailedBrush's "Red Rain" This is a new series of posts I wanted to start by reviewing some...

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Thanks for the read and the high score! Action isn’t always the only thing that makes an animation fun to watch. I feel like all animators put a lot of thought into subtle aspects of an animation and it usually gets overlooked. It always makes me happy when someone is willing to analyze the smaller details of a work.👍


This animator is very talented and a great person, watch out for them in the future!!