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If you are reading this than you are probably either an animator, or an animation fan looking to get into animation as a hobby or career.

If either of those sound like you, than you have probably started down the difficult path of choosing your animation tools.

The classic tool of choice for 2D animation is Adobe Animate (previously known as Adobe Flash) – but it carries with it a hefty price tag of over $250 dollars per year. This might be acceptable for a pro animator, but is way out of line for a hobby or beginner animator.

This is the target audience for Wick Editor – beginner or hobby animators looking for a quality animation tool that is well documented and reasonably powerful, but without the extreme price tag offered elsewhere.

Wick Editor is a tool developed by Luxapodular and a team of animators. Wick Editor is 100% free and open source, unlike Adobe’s tool but offers nearly the same feature set for 2D animation.

Let’s look at some of the features commonly requested that are shared between both Wick Editor and Adobe Animate:

FeatureWick EditorAdobe Animate
Robust TutorialsFreePaid – Third Party
2D Game DevelopmentSupportedSupported
Video Export FormatsHTML5, MP4, GIFSWF, DV, F4V, FLV, MOV, MPEG, Quicktime

Adobe’s solution offers a plugin system and additional export options for video – but this can be matched with some additional free tools in Wick Editor. First off, Wick Editor is open source so you can develop your own plugins and run them directly in Wick Editor.

Additionally, after exporting to MP4 in Wick Editor you can easily convert to other formats using free tools like Handbrake.

Perhaps the best feature of Wick Editor for beginner animators is the robust library of high quality tutorials that are freely available and built by the developers of Wick Editor. You can find dozens of tutorials on the Learn Wick Editor website:

wick editor tutorials

As far as community goes, Wick Editor has a robust community of animators and animation fans that regularly contribute feedback to the development process of Wick Editor.

You can join this community on our Discord – likewise, you can share your Wick Editor created animations easily via Anim8 and even make money off of them!

It’s simple to share Wick Editor animations on Anim8, all you have to do is sign up for free at https://anim8.io and click the “Upload” button.

anim8 wick editor upload

Will Wick Editor replace other expensive tools like Adobe Animate or Animaker?

Only time will tell, but as of right now Wick Editor is already the best free 2D animation tool – so start learning Wick Editor as soon as possible, join Anim8 to share your animations and unleash your creativity.

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